Timeline of my life

2000 – Born

2003 – Mini me won 2 national fashion show competitions

2013 – Experienced puppy love, ended in 9 months

2015 – Graduated junior high school, move out from mom’s house & lived with relatives (life went downhill) 

2016 – 2018 – Lowest point in my life

2018 – Graduated senior high school, started working immediately & move to Kalimantan (life was quite struggling)

2019 – Came back to Jakarta, worked there

2020 – Studied university in an online program, move back and forth between Anyer & Jakarta for work (life started to get better)

2021 – Back to Jakarta, received Chinese language scholarship, quit my first job

2022 – Started working in a Taiwanese company, travel abroad for business trip (started to accept life and myself, everything got better)

2023 – Diagnosed with breast tumour without knowing if it is malignant or benign, lived my life half floating with nothing to lose

2024 – On going…