I have a friend. She is a good friend actually, but I don’t know why there aren’t lot of my classmates like to be friend with her. I mean, a real friend, not just someone to chit-chat at school.

If people are rated, then I will give her 4 of 5 stars. Overall, she is perfect, but she can’t get 5 stars. Why? It’s because she is different from us. She is smart, or really smart. She is not ugly, and she is too kind. Then, what makes her can’t get the full stars? It is because her life is too flat, and what I mean by flat, is really flat.

She is smart because she is extremely diligent. She could read or learn whenever and wherever, even when she is in the bus stop, waiting for her bus to come. She always use her time to study, either it is school subject, or it is another subject like music or languages.

She is too kind because she did everything people ask her to do. She give her notes to the whole class while people don’t take any notes because we’re too busy with our chit-chat when the teacher gives their lecture. She never talk or jokes around when the teachers are teaching because she is so busy with her notes, while the other are busy laughing with the front or the back chair mate. She goes around school to prepared everything needed for the teachers. And more, more, and more.

In the weekend, she never strolling around with her friends. She never hangout to cafe or mall, I guess. She’s too busy with her music courses or her ‘family time’ even when she always has ‘family time’ everyday with her family. She doesn’t have any ‘real friend’ that will chat her just to ask randomly about things, because she is too serious. No, she can jokes or fad, but I don’t know why her jokes never be fun enough to make people laugh freely, or her being ‘fad’ always make people feel annoyed rather than funny. The closest person to her are her family.

No, I never say that all of the things that she did is bad. Instead, it is really good. But sometimes, we have to be ignorant of some things so we can enjoy this life. Whether you realize it or not, but when we ignore some things and just having fun in our own, we are making memories. I know it is bad, that’s why I said sometimes before. We shouldn’t being ignorant all the time. Everything we do must be in the right time and the right place.

Huft. Do you understand what I’m saying? I wish you do.

The point is, don’t be like it. Yes, you should obey and do everything on how it should be done, but don’t forget to make memories. We only live this life once, so enjoy it. Do things that makes you happy.

In real life, she is not happy at all by doing everything she always did. But, she can’t be disobedient too. It is just she always want to make people happy or satisfied while she is forgetting herself. She forgets how to find the real friend by showing who is the actual her, not by do everything people need or ask. She forgets how to learn about the way this cruel world works.

Yes, she is at the top. She is the first ranked in the class, she is the smartest person in my school year, she is the kindest yet the dumbest person because she always give something that is not worth for that person, but what can ‘the top of everything’ do when she is not happy at all?

After all, we need to enjoy this life, and we have to find the ‘real friend’ of us. Sure, things can end, including our friendship. But it is better to have it and enjoy it while we can.

Well, I think this is all. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, and I hope you can find the colors of this life. Don’t live this life ‘black and white’ly, but live this live ‘colorful’ly, because there is no black and white in this life. You just have to find the color.

Have a nice day!

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