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Review MyPodRoom Capsule Hotel

Taking a few days rest after months of work inside the forest is a must. This time, I choose to go to Bandung. And while taking a short getaway is a fun and excited thing, I also need to think carefully about my wallet, right? That’s why my first choice of accommodation for the first night fall for this capsule hotel called MyPodRoom Capsule Hotel. How was it?

This capsule hotel does not really look as a capsule, though. Instead, this hotel does seem as a dorm. With less than IDR 200K for weekdays and including simple breakfast, this capsule hotel is a worth choice.

After finishing the check-in process, I was given a pair of hotel kind of sandals. They were black colored. Passing through the check-in registration table, there is a dining room complemented with toilet and washstand. In the next room, there is a musholla for Moslem people to do their obligation before the stairs.



Walking up, I was welcomed with 2 side of lockers, toilet, and bathroom besides -of course- the bedroom and another stairs. There were 2 cubicles and 1 washstand for the toilet, and 3 cubicles with 2 washstand for the bathroom. Each cubicle is completed with shower stand, shower gel and shampoo.

Each guest will get one locker numbered with the same number with their bed inside the bedroom. The locker itself has a great space for one person belongings. Inside the locker there are two amenities such as toothpaste and toothbrush. The key chain from the key for your locker has the number of the locker and the bed, so no need to worry about your key being confused with someone else’s if you or someone left the key somewhere.

Going inside the room, you will easily find your bed since there are only around 20 bed, divide into 2 sides with each bed arrange in 2 layers. When I booked my reservation for this capsule hotel, there were two kind of pod, which are Male Pod and Female Pod. Before making it to the hotel, I thought it means that Female Pod and Male Pod are placed in different room, but then when I was there, I just knew that Female Pod and Male Pod only being separated by the side of the bed inside the room. Female Pod is on the right side, while Male Pod is on the left side. I was a little bit disappointed but then it was my fault for not ask them in advance. After all, I do not really mind sleep in the same room with the male as long as they keep each bed separated.

On the bed, you will get a towel, a hanger, a pillow, and a blanket. On the inside of your ‘capsule bed’, there will be an electrical plug with different kind of charging option. Do you get what I mean? Haha. There is also a night lamp above the main lamp in your capsule. Before you use the night lamp, you have to turn on the main lamp switch first. Only after that, you can turn on the night lamp. In my experience, the curtain to cover your capsule is located on my left side from where my head position was, but there are also some bed with the curtain located on the feet side. I wish you understand my explanation.


In the next morning, the breakfast was served. It was a simple breakfast with white bread, two kind of jams (strawberry and blueberry), coffee, tea, and sugar. Well, for its price, you better not expect anything fancier than bread, right?

The location of this capsule hotel is not in the middle of the city, nor in the suburb also. From its place to the ‘Alun-Alun Kota Bandung’ only takes around 5-10 minutes walk. My experience showed me that Bandung is a safe place, but always take extra careful especially when you travel alone. The surrounding of this hotel was calm enough, but someone told me that the area of the hotel is a place for local people having a night life with dangdut as their music genre. So, always be careful, okay?

For me, this capsule hotel is good enough especially for its price being offered. From its location to its facility to its service, everything is just great. I guess this capsule hotel is perfect for solo traveler who wants to have a place to stay for several days. Want to stay here? Book your own right now! You can find this hotel from :

Have a nice stay! Do not forget to tell me your experience!

Written with love,

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