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Review K-Drama : Go Back Couple

I know this drama was released long ago, but I did not know that this drama was a hit. Call me a careless girl or a non-updated K-Drama lover, but I swear I never heard about this drama, until Jang Ki Yong came into my eyes.

I was waiting for a new drama titled Come and Hug Me staring Jang Ki Yong and Jin Ki Joo as main characters since the title was so romantic. As a romance genre lover, any romance drama especially with handsome main character is a total yes for me. That’s how I saw Jang Ki Yong and observed Google to find out his identity and history.

After watched many many many YouTube videos and read a lot of articles about him, I know that he gained his popularity after stared in Go Back Couple as a second lead. Pretty curious, I tried to watch it and I’M IN LOVE WITH HIM!!! Nah, I mean, I’M IN LOVE WITH THE DRAMA!!!

Oh my God. The drama was so heart touching, and it feels sooooooo real with our daily life, especially if you are a college or a university student, OR, if you are a mother or a father. I myself was not in both of categories I mentioned earlier when I watched this drama, but I could still feel the realness of this drama in our life. So, should I take back what I mentioned about the categories earlier? I guess not.

Despite the little fantasy which not my genre at all, this drama caught my heart successfully. It is not too fantasy until you cannot find the truth about it in our life. It is just seem fantasied enough because the time went back as what we often wished.

This drama staring Son Ho Jun and Jang Na Ra as the main character. This has 12 episodes which a little bit shorter than most K-Dramas, but it still feels great. Not too fast, not too slow. Besides the truth about life, I guarantee you can see and feel the happiness, the sadness, and also the humor in those episodes.

Happy watching!

Warning : Please prepare a lot of tissues while you watch this drama if you are a soft-hearted or a mushy person as it will drain your tears.


Written with smile,

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