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My Holiday in Yogyakarta Before Being An Employee

Long time no see! Well, this is kinda awkward to start writing again after all these months without any writes, but hey! Here I am now. In my free time during work, I thought I want to write something again. So here we go.

After my last post, I didn’t write anymore and I didn’t post anything either. Not because I abandoned my beloved blog, but because I have tons of things to do. I have to focus on my last school exam, I have to study more than I ever did before for the National exam, and I still have to tutored my two little sister. So, yeah, now you understand why I didn’t make anything after mid March.

The last exam that I have to take before graduating from vocational high school was the National exam. The exam itself lasts for 4 days, from April 2nd until April 5th. In each day, I have to finished one subject, so after all I have to finished 4 subjects. The night after my last subject which was in April 5th, I and the other two -they’re my friends- went to Yogyakarta. We used economy trains and it was such a new experience for us. I never had a chance to go far with public transportation because my parents don’t allow it. I even need to convinced them that I will be okay using the trains.

We went to Yogyakarta for 4 days 3 nights. If I write it here how the days passed, I guess it will be such a looooong post, so I think it is better if I just write where were we going and show some pictures that I took there.


First Day

In the first day right after we arrived at Yogyakarta, we went to Goa Pindul. This is a place for outdoor activities such as sightseeing the caves, doing some rafting if the river has pretty good flow, and absolutely water sports. It costs IDR 100k per person for doing a sightseeing inside the caves and river rafting as long as you want. I will give you the number of the organizer for this trip down here, just in case if you are interested with this trip. Visiting Goa Pindul can’t be done without any organizer, or else it will cost you more. I do recommend you to use an organizer for this trip.

We also went to Hutan Pinus (Pine Forests) not too far from Goa Pindul. It only costs IDR 4k per person. This place is good for you if you like to take photographs, either with models or not.


2018-04-06 09-2077282203..jpg

2018-04-06 04-1562320053..jpg


Second Day

After having outdoor activities, I thought it will be fun if we visit some heritage places, so we did it. We visited Taman Sari Village, and it costs IDR 5k per person. We have to pay another IDR 3k if we bring any camera. This place is known for its history, and surprisingly this is a good place for photography activity. Unfortunately, we went there in the weekend (it was Saturday) without realizing it, so of course we couldn’t enjoy it that much because it was so crowded. My recommendation if you want to go there, please do it in the weekday, especially if you have a lot of time for holiday. It will be much enjoyable than what we felt that day.

2018-04-07 022095725661..jpg


Next, we went to Alun-Alun Yogyakarta. Yes, we visited it in the afternoon and not in the evening. Why? Because we want to try the famous “close your eyes and try to pass the fortune trees”. Actually, this place in the afternoon is famous for its colorful-light cars, but we were not really have any interested for that, so we went to a coffee shop instead in the afternoon. Back to the topic, Alun-Alun Yogyakarta has twin tress that stand side by side but with around 5 until 10 meters range. If you are curious about this, you can try to search The Twin Banyan Tree in Google. You have to pay IDR 5k for one blinding fabric, and the challenge itself doesn’t need to make yourself pay another rupiah. The myth says if you can pass the trees, then whatever your wish will come true. Well, this is quite fun. Try it yourself.


Third Day

If you like beach, then go to Parangtritis Beach. This is a popular beach in Yogyakarta. It doesn’t cost any rupiah if you only visit without rent anything. I can’t give you any price for the facilities there since I and my friends didn’t use any. Actually, this beach is quite famous for the beautiful sunset and not too bad for its sunrise scenery, but unfortunately I couldn’t get any beautiful sunrise nor sunset because of the gloomy weather.

2018-04-09 121951721503..jpg


2018-04-09 11-1974642363..jpg

2018-04-09 071212291815..jpg


For a lover of sand boarding, there is a place called Parangkusumo Sand boarding. It is a cool place for playing around, and it is pretty instagram-able. You have to pay around IDR 100k for renting the sand board.

And that’s all for my itinerary for Yogyakarta. I didn’t go to much places since it was my 4th visit to Yogyakarta, and I already know some famous places other than what I mentioned. I also didn’t write exactly what I do back then ’cause sometimes we were just relaxing or walking without any direction. We went to try Yogyakarta’s dish and it was delicious, so I think it’s better to write it in another post. About hotels, I will give it a review in another post. I know that it has passed several months, but I think a review will never expired as long as that place still exist, right?

Anyway, if you read the title of this post carefully, you would notice that I already become an employee, and it means that I AM ALREADY GRADUATED! YASH! I also will tell you a little bit about my graduation day and how can I start working right after I graduated. So, please come often and let me see you again in another post!

With love,





Contact :
Goa Pindul Organizer +6287838285114 / +6282221155114 – Mr. Erik (they also provided car rental)

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