Monthly Favorites – October

Hello there! To welcome November and to welcome my new blog, I would like to make a monthly favorite, which is what I like in the whole October. Yes, this is a new blog for you who is wondering. My previous blog was in B**gs**t and was published with another name. After getting criticized with the name (because it was hard to say for international people out of Indonesia), and after thinking to improve my blogging activity, I decided to move it here, with a fresh start from the beginning.

To make it short, let’s move to the main topic I want to share.

Last month, I have been using some new products that I bought in the early October. All of them are skin care products. Yes, I do care a lot about skin care, since my skin condition is not that good. Those skin care products are used for face and body, and they are face mask, scrub, lip sleeping balm, rose water, and hand cream. I will share their brands and my personal review about each products.

1. Nats Oatclay Mask by Tiff Body

Source : Tiff Body Official Line

Tiff Body is a local brand from Indonesia. They are known as a skin care brands that produced a home-made products. And because I have seen a lot of good reviews about Tiff, I got curious and decided to try it when my skin face condition was getting worse. I bought four products of them and one of them is Nats Oatclay Mask.

At first, there was not much differences. But after tried it for around five until six times, I started to see the result. Yes, the effect right after using it is making your skin feel really smooth and moisturized, but the effect after use it for several times is amazing. This mask helps me drying those acne while keep moisturizing my skin. It also helps to reducing any small acne on the forehead and removing the acne scar slowly. Well, I’m not good at reviewing something, but if you ask me about this product, all that I can say is this product is work so well on my skin. I would like to rate 8.5/10, and of course I will repurchase this face mask again.

2. Coffee + Tumeric Scrub by Tiff Body

Source : Tiff Body Official Line

I have so much redness and rough skin because of acne on it. Of course it disturb me so much. I have tried many products that claimed can heal redness and acne, but nothing significant happened. This time, I could see the result after several times use it. This scrub is made from coffee and tumeric, helping my skin to reduce redness, removing scar, while also removing dead skin cells that will become acne in the mean time if I don’t scrub it. It also make my skin face looks brighter than before.

The result is not happening after one or two times of using. It needs at least six to seven times using on my skin face for me to start seeing the result. Starting from became a little brighter, than became less redness, less scar, until became so smooth -almost arrive at baby skin state. Well, it might be different on your skin, though. After all, I rate it 8/10 and will definitely repurchase.

3. Organic Rose Water by Sacre (from Tiff Body)

Source : Tiff Body Official Line

This product has been used as my toner when I have a lot of redness, and as a mixture with Nats Oatclay Mask since the mask is in powder texture. I don’t know if it is because I don’t know how rose smell or because the product itself that smell but as for me, I don’t really like the smell. I just get used to it since I use it pretty often.

My opinion about this rose water are… Yes, it really helps my skin when I have redness on it. Yes, it helps my skin when it was irritated by hard facial cleanser. Yes, it helps my skin as a toner when my skin is in bad condition.

Over all, this rose water rated 8/10. It is not expensive and it works on me. Well, of course repurchase is a must.

4. Coconut Lip Sleeping Balm by Tiff x Sacre 

Source : Tiff Body Official Line

Well, I actually think that Tiff and Sacre are two different brands produced by one person, which means that they are actually ‘siblings’, but I don’t understand why siblings make collaboration. And I also not understand why she made two different brands if she will promote each other in every post she did. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, this products is a holy grail for me. Yes, I’m not overact. This sleeping balm really helps me get over those cranky rough and dry lips. I applied it in the night before bed, and when I wake up, I could definitely feel how smooth my lips are. It just… amazing. I really love it. What you have to do is make sure your lips are clean and apply a little amount of it. Just a little and spread it all over your lips, then go to sleep. In the next day, you will feel something is there on your lips, and it makes you want to wash it right after you wake up. And then, here it comes the fun part. Try to touch your lips, and you will know how great this product work. They also sell the lip scrub, but I don’t think I need it, so I didn’t buy it. I will rate 9,5/10 for this lip sleeping balm. Anyway, you can also apply it on other areas where you feel it’s really dry, such as on your cheek or maybe under your eye. Repurchase? Definitely!

5. Tiare Tiare Hand Cream by The Face Shop

Source : Google Images

Of course I didn’t buy the whole series. I only bought the blue one, which is Tiare Tiare. Well, the name sounds weird, but compared to the green one (there were only the two of them in the store when I bought it), this Tiare Tiare smells better than the green one -sorry, I am too lazy to look at its name.

Personally, I don’t really think that this product help me to moisturized my hand. My hand is really dry, and I can see the crack on it. So when I decided to buy a hand cream, my hope was little bit too high maybe? ‘Cause I didn’t see any significant differences. Yes, it moisturized my skin, but only the surface, I think. When the cream start to disappear, I could barely feel and see the crack again. Well, overall this pretty work for a short time, but I don’t recommend it. I will rate it 6.5/10. For repurchase, I don’t think I will do it. Any recommendation about hand cream?

Well, guys. That’s all for October Favorites. I think it’s pretty enough for a little review and a monthly favorites. I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for reading this until the end. I am really sorry if there is any mistakes on words order or grammar. I’m learning to write in English, so I hope you will understand and will give me any corrections or advice if you want in the comment section.

See you on another post, I guess?

Note : This is not a sponsored review, and the result on each people may be vary. Don’t take me as a fix subject or example.

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