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BOBOBOX : High Tech Capsule Hotel

Have you ever seen a hotel room being opened without a single key? Never? Same here, until I saw BOBOBOX Capsule Hotel and get amazed with its technology.

BOBOBOX Capsule Hotel is an affordable capsule hotel located in Pasir Kaliki, Bandung, West Java. It is located exactly on the side road of PasKal, the abbreviation of Pasir Kaliki. The surrounding of this BOBOBOX Capsule Hotel is crowded enough but not too much. There were many food seller and restaurant around the hotel. It also has very easy access to online transportation such as Go-Jek or Grab because this hotel is easily spotted.

Themed with blue color for its logo, BOBOBOX’s interior is designed minimalist with white color as a dominant. Walking in to its front office, I was warm-welcomed with their front desk staff. I was arrived before check-in hours, which is 2.00 P.M., so I was not allowed to get my room ‘key’. Instead of waiting there or traveling with my belongings, I asked if I could leave my bag with them while I go somewhere, and they said of course. Without hesitation, I left my bag there so they can take care of it by keeping it inside the staff room. This is the first plus point for them.

Later when I came back, I took back my bag and finishing the check in procedure. I thought the check in procedure is done ordinarily by they do something on their computer, and we are given the key room. In BOBOBOX, the check in procedure is done by us and without their computer. Here is how.


There is a wall made of glass that divide front office area and capsules area. The door on its glass wall is not locked, so everyone can easily go in-and-out. There is a written sticker that says, ‘Quiet Time from 9.00 P.M. – 7.00 A.M.’. Inside the capsules area, we can clearly see many ‘2 level of capsules’ cover in white colored. In each level, there is a number that matched with the number of our shoe’s locker. If I was not wrong, there are 64 capsules on 3 floors. Those capsules are arranged in 2 level with ‘Earth’ and ‘Sky’ as their name. Earth is the name for the lower level, and Sky is the name for the upper level.

First, we have to download the BOBOBOX app on Google Play Store or Apple Appstore. After that, register our phone number and the other requirements. Check in procedures is done. I booked my capsule on Traveloka, but BOBOBOX has its own app to book their capsule. Different with the other hotel whose people has to walk-in to its front office to check room availability for the day, BOBOBOX does not work like that. The app downloaded also work as the ‘key room’ by scanning the barcode in the app to the scanner beside our capsule door, light color and brightness setting, and also lock or unlock the door. After checking in process is done, I was given a pair of sandals and a key for shoes locker. Before going inside the capsules area, we need to change our shoes into sandals and store our shoes inside the shoe’s locker.

After scanning the barcode, we can open the capsule door. Inside the capsule, there is a king-sized bed for two persons. This is what amazed me. Usually, capsule hotel only has a single bed for one person, but BOBOBOX successfully providing king-sized bed for two persons. Besides the bed, there are also a mirror, a desk with its chair, and a touch-screen controller for the whole capsule. Inside the capsule, we can only stand in front of the hanging mirror with width around 30-50 cm. Besides this area, we have to crawl on the bed, and we can only sit on it. With my body height, I could easily seat on the bed without my head even touch the ceiling room. Not sure how it goes for tall people. Based on my findings on internet, this capsule room is 4 meters wide.

This capsule room is filled with high technology. By using the touch screen controller or the app from your phone, you are able to change the light color based on the mood given from the controller or your own selection. There are 4 given moods which are genius mood, zen mode, groovy mode, and zzz mode. If you want to choose your own color, there are 15 color palettes. If you want to unlock the door from inside for someone that waiting outside, you can easily touch the unlock button and the door is unlocked without using a barcode. There is also a universal socket with its own terms and conditions, and a Bluetooth speaker that you can use by connecting your phone to the speaker. The only not-so convenient thing in this room is how you adjust the room temperature without using a remote control. You must rotate the air-conditioner ventilation to the right or to the left. I am not that tall to easily touch the ceiling, so I need to stand on a chair to adjust the air-conditioner.

For public facilities inside the hotel, there are bathroom divided into women’s and men’s, pantry completed with microwave on 1st floor, musholla, communal space, lounge on every floor, and smoking area on 2nd floor. Outside the hotel, the public facilities are parking area for two- and four-wheel vehicles, and vending machine for soft drinks.

I am woman, so I will only review the women bathroom. Inside the women bathroom, there are 5 cubicles which are 2 for showering and 3 for urinate or void, 3 washstands, and 1 hair dryer. Each cubicle is complemented with shampoo and shower gel, and phone holder. Even when there were only 2 shower cubicles, I did not experience any queue.

I booked this capsule room for IDR 170K per night on weekday without breakfast provided, but the price might vary (so far based on my survey, the price will be below IDR 250K). Very affordable for small family or couples or travelers who only need a place to stay at night.

My stayed was a very great experience. I left this place with a warm smile on my face after checking out through its app, again, with one single click. Suh a simple yet so pleasing experience to have.

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