“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. -Robert Frost”

Welcome to Your Meymey’s world.

Was born with a name as Aini Wijaya on exactly one year before World Trade Center tragedy in New York, I used to not really like many things about myself. Was drown in many life’s unfairness, I decided to calm myself and let the flow of life carried me whenever it goes. Turns out that in those unfairness I gained myself some lessons and wisdom to carry on.

Growing up as the only kid in my family, I am so used to not have anyone to talk about whatever things going on. I keep things with myself and think about it by myself to the point where I thought, “ooh I am so mature and what a grown up I am trapped in a young body”. How I was so wrong about it. Through many of life challenges, I was humbled down when I realize that I am just a kid inside, just like you and so many other people in the world, looking so mature, well put together and have everything figured out, while in fact everyone is just trying to figure life out no matter how old or how wise or how mature they are, and in the midst of everything, we all are a kid inside, not knowing so many things and lost in the jungle of life. There I decided to let my self some loose, that I don’t have to be mature and it is okay to be considered as a kid. That’s how the name of Your Meymey was made up.

Meymey is a word originated from Chinese language, Mei Mei, which means little sister. So consider me as your little sister who is figuring my life out, writing a diary and ‘whining’ or gaining lessons about whatever happens in life in this blog. See you on my upcoming writings~

-2 Jun 2023 –

*P.S: I have had this website since years ago but due to some things, I decided to start afresh and new starting from today.