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Young People Can Make Changes

Young people make changes, and it is not a lie.

It was two days ago when I met someone I’ve known previously. We were kinda close, but not too close either. I have shared my life story with him because people always ask me about it whenever they know what I am doing and how old I am including him at the time, and so he also shared his life story. He is much older than me, but it doesn’t mean that he is an old person. He is still young, starting his 30-life next year, I guess.

He didn’t come from a wealthy family, yet he was not a brilliant student back at school. Everything about him was very ordinary, nothing special, until he put his two feet on college life. Surprisingly, things started to change one by one, without him knowing it, without him realizing it until later.

As a shy person, he didn’t talk much, hence the speech or mingling with people. And even though his life was far from a good life, he didn’t know much about life wisdom. He only knew that he has to get a good job, and get a good salary for helping his family. Only by college he started to get the wisdom of life. Also, starting to get his confidence.

College life start and he saw a lot of new things. Thankfully he managed to get into a high-quality university, so he can met bunch of good or even great person and characters. In college, he realized that in order to become someone better, you have to surround yourself in a good circle. Back then when we were talking together while having our lunch that day, he said to me, “If you want to be a thief, then go find the thief and befriend them. Sooner on you will become a thief too. But, if you want to be a CEO, surround yourself with CEOs.”

While it is not necessary for you to befriend with CEOs if you want to become one, I still get his point. It means that you have to surround yourself with good people, because without you ever realize it, your society and circle says a lot about yourself. If you are a lazy person who only likes to hanging out with friends, or you are a person who never learn anything because you think you already know everything and you only enjoying your life as it is, it could possibly because your surroundings are doing things like what you do. Maybe your friends are also lazy persons who never try much things and just hanging here and there, or they could possibly be persons who are easily get satisfied with small things and they also think they already know things out there. I think it is not a bad thing to easily be satisfied as it might means that you can easily be grateful for what you have, but never take it as the same thing as feeling enough and do not wanting any more goods or improvement in life.

As we continue our conversation, he then said another wisdom. While biting his fried chicken, he carefully explained, “In life, there are phase that you must go through, and every phase is teaching you something. Schools life was teaching you about having fun, about friendship, about honesty, about hard work. College life was teaching you about independency, about many character of human that you will meet and go together with in life, about point of view of another person, about respect, about self-love, about kindness. Work life or real life after all of that will teach you about balance, about integrity, about self-development, about prioritizing, about your purpose or your desire of life. Everyone has their own timeline, so don’t rush yours, but make sure you experienced and acknowledged every wisdom and everything you can learn from life and the lives of people.”

“You can always do something in life, no matter how hard your life is. There is nothing such as you cannot do something. It is just a matter of you want it or not. It is just a matter of is it matter to you or not. If it is something that matter to you, and you want it so bad because it is important for yourself, then you will go through it no matter how hard it might be. So, don’t be insecure. You will always find a way if it is a good will, and if you want it so bad. What is important is not about achieving something great. What is important is what you can do in that hard condition that can impact someone and give them something good to take to.”

He is only starting his 30 life, but he is already so wise about life. He gained his confidence back at college, from the shy boy into vocal man. He was one of the youngest candidates in the newest politic party, but never boasts about it. He used his free time to learn from popular figure biography, and then he gives stories to tell to young kids on the street on weekends. He is one of the nicest guys I ever met in my life, and I learn so many things from him.

“Come to think of it, there were nothing, really, to be ashamed of myself. Even when I didn’t come from a wealthy nice family because my family struggled a lot to get me into a good school, even when I didn’t dress and hanged out like my friends back then, I was still a human, I am a human, and by that it means that we have same capability. If they were able to speak in public, why couldn’t I? If they were able to get good knowledge because they learn, why couldn’t I get good knowledge when I also learn? That was when I started to take myself out in public. I trained myself so I could have confidence in myself, because what to shamed for? Nothing. Really, nothing.”

By talking with him, I knew right away that young people can make changes in this world. He is one of the examples of young people who make changes to the world. It’s just need another young people like him and you to help and influence another young people. I believe that every one of us, the young people, have our own way to help and influence other. The old generation still have their own way to help us, but in these days, their voice would be much better use if they support us in doing what we like and what we desire to do. Our tasks right now is not only about achieving our own goals, nor increasing our own happiness or wealth. Your tasks, my tasks, their tasks, are also including influence another young people to live their life, spread kindness, make changes to the world, increase their happiness as well as their wealth, no matter how small your contribution are.

Let’s take your own role. You might be voicing over money and business kind of thing. Your friend might be voicing and influencing young people about education. I might be voicing over happiness and life wisdom. My friend might be taking the role to influence young people about self-development kind of thing. That’s okay, every part of that matters, and that is why we have to do something. I believe that you and I are here in this world meant to do something. So if you ever wonder what you can do in this world, you can start by taking one role as you wish and start spreading kindness from there. The world is filled with much negativity, too much I might say, so it does need more positivity from my generation, your generation, our generation. If it is not you who are taking the part, who else?

I believe young people matters, and we can make changes to the world.

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