What My Internship Has Taught Me

Well, being an intern doesn’t sound really good. An intern usually being treated a little bit unfair, said some people. I can’t really disagree with that since a lot of people still have that seniority personality. Fortunately, it didn’t happen to me.

Right now, I am a third-grade student in one of the best tourism high school in Jakarta (let me write about it one day), and I just finished my three months internship in Panorama JTB. It is one of big travel agencies in Jakarta or Indonesia. Lucky me.

As my internship session was over, I looked back and thinking about what I have done in the last three months, what I learned from being an intern and a travel consultant as well, whom I met, and how it affect me in many ways.

For me, this internship has helped me to be more patient, and help me to realize that not everything that people told me were true. In fact, it really depends on your environment, such as seniority, individuality, and many more. Many people said that in work or office world, people would be very individualistic and selfish. They will not care about other people problems or tasks. Well, it didn’t happen, at least for me.

From being an intern, I learned how to make friends and connection. I also learned how to interact with people that we never met before, and this time they will be our ‘king’ since they bought something from us. Well, I have met with many people, Indonesian and International, but mostly I got the ‘international people’ part since the seniors can’t really speak English (well my English is also not that good, but at least I could speak even with the wrong grammar and I could listen to their sayings).

From being an intern, I learned that nothing would go wrong if we do it with sincerity. Well, if it turns to the wrong way, trust me, the answer will come and find you. Even if it’s not going to be easy, you will become someone stronger and smarter than before.

From being an intern, I learned that attitude is everything. Even if you are a short-memory person (like me), when you say it nicely and you have this kind of faith in study those cases, people will help you no matter how busy they are.

From being an intern, I learned how good is it to do something wholeheartedly, especially when it comes to serve someone. How I discovered it? The last time I practiced this point, I got a reward which is a really cute coin-wallet. Well, maybe it’s not that pricey and beautiful that can make me remember it forever, but it’s really memorable since I got it from my client (he is Spanish and we communicated with Google Translate) while I never seen my seniors got this kind of feedback .

From being an intern, I learned that grade in our school is not that important. They will not ask you about your grade, but they will ask you how far you know about this case. And from there, they can judge you in anything you do. Well, it’s not that grade in schools is not important. It’s just not as important as your attitude, your faith in learning new things, and your skills.

From being an intern, I realized that God is really trustworthy. He is good, and soooooo good. He knows what’s best for us. He knows what we needed, in the present or in the future, even when we never think about it before. And the last but not least is He prepares everything for us.

Well, maybe this is not the best internship experience that I can share to you, but as for me, this is the most memorable internship session in my life, and I believe I will never forget it.

If you will have any internship session in your life soon, don’t worry. Just give your best and give everything to God. Either it makes you comfortable or not, you still have to be grateful, because… believe me. When you finish the internship session, you will feel that you, yourself, is a little bit different. Well I hope it’s different in the positive side.

Anyway, that’s all that I can share to you. That is everything that comes to my mind when I wrote this (since it’s getting late and my eyes are getting heavier). I hope this can encourage you, support you, and make some changes in the way you see an internship from something scary, terrible, or awful, to something good.

Whether it's comfortable or not,
your environment will teach you many things
that never crossed your mind before.

Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂

Don’t forget to be happy and God bless you.


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