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Time Management For Being Productive While In Quarantine a.k.a Stay At Home

Wow, such a long title, isn’t? But despite the long title, this post holds so much useful content that will help you get your works done and enjoying a relaxing time later. I know that being at home makes you feel lazy and unproductive and all, but you still have many things to do, right? Here I give you a few tips for managing time so you can be productive and be lazy at the same time.

1. List down all your things-to-do RIGHT NOW!

No need to wait until the sun gets down, or tomorrow morning when you wake up, or until Monday so you can start your new week fresh. Trust me, it won’t work. What will work? You take a pause right here, grab a pen and paper, or you can use a digital tool, to help you list down your things-to-do and each deadline. Once you list everything down, take a look for once or twice, just to make sure that you listed every single thing that is in your mind.

2. Prioritize

There are many ways for you to prioritize. The most used method is to prioritize each task based on its deadline. But, I have a different method to offer here. Yes, you have to pay attention to each deadline, but other than the deadline, the first and foremost thing that you have to pay attention to is the time to get it done. To make it easier for you to understand…

  • First, you have to make the order based on the deadline.
  • Second, divide tasks based on the day its deadline is.
  • Third, once you get several tasks or things with the same deadline, start arranging them based on the amount of time it needs to get rid of that task from your memo or notepad.

You can always adjust the method I try to offer here by seeing your own urgency, but make sure that each task is listed and you put the order of what to do first.

3. Set a planner.

This planner depends on how you want to see it. If you are a kinda creative human being and don’t mind spending more time doing creative stuff, then make a planner in a book and decorate it. I use a bullet journal to arrange my plan. You can also do a bullet journal method for a funnier and more exciting planner, or you can use any kind of book that you can look back and forth whenever you want to see your arranged schedule. Make a calendar or weekly log and then, write down each day’s tasks. Put a checkbox before you start writing your task name, or by the end of it. Make ‘check the checkbox’ your daily and everyday most important task.

If you are not a creative kind of person, you can just write the day and its date on a paper, or at your phone calendar, then start jotting down that day’s tasks. Remember that this is not about the method that makes you productive. This is only a way to help you see the bigger picture of what you are doing and what should be done as soon as possible even though you are at home. If you want to make it a little bit extreme, then make a reminder in your phone for each task.

4. Commit.

This is the HARDEST part for me hahaha. Just like you, I’m not the most productive human being in the world. In fact, I still love to snuggle on my bed and refuse to get up to do my to-do-list. But, if I don’t get up every single day, then who will get my tasks done? Who will post things on my Instagram & TikTok & Blog? Who will share life knowledge for young people? I do not always succeed in the whole process. Sometimes I skipped this or that part. But that’s okay. I’m not a thing that should make things perfect. I am human with all lacks and lazy parts hahaha.

But really, in the end, in order to make you finish all that task, it should be your commitment to how bad you want it to be done. If you just act like nothing is wrong, and you keep being ignorant, then your tasks will not ever be done.

Above are ways to help you see clearly of things that should be done. Now, I can give you a little tip on how to make yourself feel ‘Let’s do this’.

One, remember that TIME will always move forward. You can always be lazy and roll around on your bed and delay the time to do your task, but do you know how much time you wasted only for doing something unnecessary? Instead of getting better because at least you do something in a day, you end up waste your time watching all those Netflix series or scrolling through the endless Instagram timeline.

Two, set time for when you will do your tasks. For me, the most utilized and effective time to get my tasks done is in the late morning or afternoon, around 11 am until 5 pm. Why afternoon? Because I sleep very late, around 1-3 am in the morning, so I need to wake up late too, around 10-11 am. I also set time for doing hobbies or watching time, and usually, it would be around 7 pm-12 am.

Three, if you already do several things in the morning, or afternoon or whenever it is that you name it, then you start to get bored or lazy or stuck because you feel tired already, or you are demotivated to get it done, don’t give up easily. Don’t close the laptop, PC, or book. Let it open just like that, but leave it for a moment. Go and move, do something. I don’t know, maybe it could be washing dishes, or dancing for a few minutes, or stretching. I sometimes even scroll on my Pinterest account or watching 15-30 minutes of YouTube videos. It refreshes my mind.

Four, last but not least, be flexible. Rules are meant to be broken, as long as you don’t affect anyone, and your tasks or to-do-list managed to be done. Be creative, don’t be too fixated onto one or two ways. You can always use a new idea on where you do your task, or how you do it, or when you will do it. You can even ask your friend to accompany you or to give you some insights. New ways usually lead to more motivation and happiness levels. Why happiness? Because you managed to finish your task or things to do one by one, you feel proud of yourself. You know very well that you are not a failure. Even when you can’t finish your to-do-list, you are still not a failure, because at least, you try already, and it is very brave of you. You are brave enough for making efforts.

Well, I think that’s all I could say and give to you. This is mostly about how I try to get things done. It doesn’t always work because I got to work depending on my mood too, but most of the time, these things are what has been effective for me.

I hope I helped you even only for a little bit. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but don’t be too loose either. You have to strict enough so you can grow as a person and your capabilities will increase, but you also have to be kind enough to yourself so you won’t stress out.

Thank you for reading this post this far. See you in other writings, friends! Stay safe and stay healthy!

Warm hug,


Image by Couleur from Pixabay

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