is it important to say birthday wishes?

Someone close to me, once asked this question. Back then, my answer was about we try to be polite and kind to say birthday wishes. Not necessary, but that would be great to do. But now when I’m getting older, I myself ask the same question. Is it important to say birthday wishes?

I once feel special if I get to be the first person who tried to give a birthday wish to someone. If I could be the first, then I’m gonna be the last person at the day, as if it would make me more memorable for that person.

But then, slowly as time goes by, I realized something. If they want to remember me, they will eventually, in their own way. I don’t need to try hard for it. Also, birthday wishes are not something to prove the degree of our closeness. If he/she is my real closest person, they would still understand that my love can’t only be seen like that. There are many ways to show someone’s love.

The same thing goes to many kinds of showing affection. Some people would post “happy birthday” on Instagram stories. Some others would give birthday gifts. It all are great, but the question is… Is it really necessary?

I’m not that kind of person, who would bother buying someone’s birthday gift or posting “happy birthday” on social media. For me, saying happy birthday on somewhere, where many people could see it, is just something… not really sincere enough? Well, I don’t know. Maybe that’s just my opinion.

I prefer to say happy birthday on private because… it would feel more intimate, and special. And that’s how I see it. If ‘birthday’ is something special, then people should celebrate it in a special way. Everyone has their own special way, I suppose, but for me, my special way is more about spending time together, and congratulate them in private. If it is possible to spend time together, then do it. If it is not, then it is okay too. I could pray for them from where I am now.

Despite everything I said above, don’t you think that birthday is just a birthday? The more I grow up, the more I think that birthday has nothing special in it. Like, it is just as same as the other day. The difference is just it shows us the day we would get older exactly one year. Maybe when the time is showing us that we get older for some exact amount of number, like 17th birthday, or 21st birthday, maybe 50th birthday, 70th birthday, and so on… it would be worth hyping for. Other than that, don’t you think it is just ordinary?

Sure, we should try to see the positive in every occasion. I will try my best too. But as positive as it might be, I just want to share my perspective on birthday and things related to it.

So yeah… I hope you gain something from this. Please share your opinion below if you get something from my perspective and sharing.

With love,

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