Hello Goodbye

2017 will be end really soon, and before it happen, I really want to write about something that makes me grateful as I walk through 2017. This year might not be the best year I’ve ever had, but this year has taught me a lot, has bring the improved ‘me’, has realizing myself over things I didn’t realize at all, and this year has been so great to me. Well, I’m thanking God for that.

I was born in 2000, which makes me 17 this year. During my lifetime, I have earn my own money several times, from selling chocolate when I was 7 or 8 years old, selling some fried-food on my 9 or 10, and selling chips and also rice cakes when I was 15 until 16. Don’t ask me why I did all of those things. Also, don’t be amazed by whatever I did in my age. I’m not telling you about my problems, and I’m not better than people who suffer more. Trying to earn money by myself was never been really hard for me. In fact, I was happy while doing it. But, those things I did never last long, until this year come. Yeah, 2017 has been really kind to me, thanks God for it.

In February, I got myself a part time job. My part time job is being a tutor after school ends. I was a second grade high schooler when this opportunity came. Back then, it was only one child. I can’t express how grateful I was when her mom called and asked about the tutoring session. It was like a gift from God. As time goes by, I got another child to be tutored.

On the last week of March, I got a call from another mom. I was going to have some lunch, I guess, with my mom, when this call came. I didn’t expect anything, because I didn’t know whose number is that. But, after she asked a few questions, and after she told what she wants, I was crazily happy. It was beyond imagination. How come I, the ordinary high schooler, got the chance to earn my own income, by tutoring some child I never talked before? I was being curious and grateful at the same time, but then I remember God. God is always good to me. So, why bother to being curious about it? Of course it happened because it is God’s plan. With that thought, I was continuing my life.

From those part time job, I saved my money. And when I have this need, such as buy a new phone because my phone was, ugh, so miserable, I used my savings. I couldn’t say anything because it was so beautiful. That moment when I paid my phone, I felt really really happy because I can buy my own things. So again, I thanked God for letting me be someone independent, in my age, and I thanked Him because all of His doing to me.

Next, in June. A few things happened on that month, but first, before anything else, I was really grateful with my study report. I knew I didn’t study well since I tutored children which makes me have to go home around 8 or 9 p.m., but my study report didn’t look so bad. Rather than got some 70 on subjects I don’t like, I got much 80 and some 90, which makes me got the 4th ranked. It wasn’t my best, but still it made myself feels happy, ’cause I could manage my study and my job pretty well.

Besides my study report, I also got a chance to visit Belitung Island (well I’m Indonesian, fyi) because my aunt asked me to join her. I was a photography lover (I still am, though), and travel photography is my favorite, so when she asked me to join her, I was happy. Actually I never thought anything about Belitung. At first, I thought Belitung is just an island, without any speciality. But, who knows that it could be something really beautiful when I saw it with my own eyes? I fell in love with Belitung since the plane I rode enter Belitung Island and I could start seeing those beautiful scenery from up there. I didn’t even waste a single time to take much pictures when my aunt family and I traveled to beaches and islands. Well, one of the breathtaking scenery was up there, the picture I put for this post. Seeing my family condition, I never thought I can travel to places, even it is in Indonesia, but once again, God knows me too well, outside and inside, so He let me enjoy His creature, without me have to spent moneys. Even though I could only take pictures with my phone camera (since I didn’t have any camera), I was still feeling grateful. I was thankful because I am His daughter, and He is my Father.

Coming back to school, I had to do internship session from August to November. I never asked about where I should be interned, but God always lead the way to the right path, so I got an office where it was near my student’s home, and the officer which also my mentors were so nice to me. It was feels like I got a new family. Well, nothing is better than being in His plan, right?

In September, I got the chance to celebrate my birthday. My aunt was so nice. She insists on celebrating my 17th birthday by reserved a restaurant and invited my friends to come. Even though I rejected it at first, but she still doing it, and it makes my heart flutter. So in the end, I thanked God for giving me this caring family.

Last but not least, this happened in December, right before the Christmas day. I’m a sushi lover, but eat in a sushi restaurant must emptying my wallet, so I always want to eat sushi on All-you-can-eat restaurant. It usually cost around IDR 200k. Sometimes when I imagined myself eating sushi, I would like to talk to Him in my heart, saying that it would be really nice if that chance to eat sushi in all-you-can-eat session come. I also planned a day to eat it with my friends, without knowing when. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my senior on another part time job asked me to join her, because she would eating sushi in an all-you-can-eat session. Obviously I accepted it. She even paid for it. It may be a simple one, but trust me, it was God’s plan. I knew it, ’cause in the end I can’t eat the sushi with my friends. For me, it was a Christmas gift from Him that I never asked about. That’s why I thanked Him so much, because He knows me really well.

Other than all of them, I experienced a lot of His grace, and I’m thankful for it, because without them, I can’t be I am right now. It may be simple, or maybe it was soooo light and small until I can’t remember it one by one, but I knew and always know that He is with me all the time, and He’s walking with me. So everything must be His plan.

Well, 2017 has been so freaking great to me, and I’m thanking my beloved God. This might seems too beautiful, but trust me, I also had some problem to be solved, and my life was not always that smooth. So, whatever is your problem, whatever is your condition, either it is in 2017 only or it might continuing to 2018, always ask God to lead your way, and trust Him with all of your heart. Just be thankful, and I’m sure you can live this life without much worries and you can live happily.

I’m wishing your 2018 to be beautiful. It may has some harsh things or problem, but if you trust Him, all of it will be easy, smooth, and beautiful. Keep up your spirit, always be thankful, and keep moving on. Time cannot wait for you, so don’t stay on one place for too long and move forward to another zone. Good luck, guys! I love you.

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