Finally I Graduated!

So, after twelve years of formal education, now I can proudly say “I’m not a student anymore!” Nah, just kidding. I will enter university again soon.

Being a student from a vocational high school made people think differently of me. Not in positive or negative way, but more like they are wondering what I learned in there, what are the differences between ordinary high school, and why do I want to study there. Long story short, learning in a vocational high school doesn’t make me regret anything. Instead, I’m grateful.

My family finance was not that good, and that’s what makes my parents afraid. They were afraid if I can’t go to university because they don’t have the budget if I entered an ordinary high school. Then, what makes it different? Vocational high school give you choices, either if you want to continue study in a university or go to work right away after you graduated. For some school, it also takes 3 years just like the ordinary high school, but for some vocational school, they take 4 years to graduated. Fortunately, mine was only 3 years.

I was a student of tourism high school, so yes, I learned about how to be a tour guide, tour leader, how to issued airlines ticket, how to calculated price from here to there, and many more. It will be a long post if I wrote them all. The striking difference between vocational high school and ordinary high school is only on what the students learned about. Other than that such as when we take exams, what kind of language and mathematics we study, etc are basically the same.

In Indonesia, if you are a last grade student and are going to graduated, you have to take a lot of exams, and what I mean by a lot is really really a lot. For me, I have to take around a week more or less for school exams which each day I was doing 2 subjects exam. After that, I —or maybe we— have to take a national exam for four days which each day takes 1 subject. What I’ve mentioned before are not included with a semester of try out tests. The point is they are tiring.

I as a student was not the same as the others. I have to tutored some kids from elementary school every day (or sometimes only twice or three times a week) so I can have my own pocket money —after all, I am still a teenager who wants to buy a lot of things but know my family limits, and that’s why I tutored kids. I started tutoring when I was a second grade student in the second semester. To be exact, it was February 2017. Before I tutored, I was pretty care about my score at school. No, I’m not smart. I’m just an average but I like math so much, that’s why people think that I’m good at it, meanwhile actually I don’t really care about it. What I knew was I have to pass the minimum score and I have to be able to be a third-grade student. Sometimes I studied so I can get a good score, but after the tutoring session start in my life, I have to go home waaaay later than I usually do. Usually I arrived home at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, but after I started tutoring I arrived mostly at 6 until 7 in the evening. So of course I couldn’t study more than I usually did. I started to sleep a lot in the class because it was pretty tiring and I didn’t pay attention to the teacher. I didn’t take any notes because simply I was too lazy and too tired to do it. I only studied when it was the time for mid or end semester exam, and it was only for a while because I couldn’t stand the feelings of tired and sleepy. To make it short, my score went down pretty much I guess, since the teacher didn’t reveal the score.

Everything went the same even when I was a third-grade student who needs to study a lot because of nonstop tests and exams. I only studied when it’s pretty important, and I still tutored to help lighten the burden of my family’s. After national exam has done, we got days of holidays while we waited for the announcement. I still tutored in my holidays because my students haven’t done with their schools. Then without I realizing it, the day has come. The school announced who is getting the best score in academics, who is getting the perfect score for math and Indonesian language, and who is the most discipline student among all of us.

To end this post, I proudly say I finally graduated and thankfully I got a perfect score for math. As I mentioned before, I like math so much, and I’m grateful that my likes toward math is not a vanity.

Now, I’m starting a new chapter of my life, which is an employee of a company and I’m trying to find a university for an employee like me. Sadly, my graduating session was not an end to this life since I still have to continue what have been waiting for me. Thankfully, everything went well and I had no problems at all for finding the company who wants to hire me.

To you who are reading this right now and still a student, don’t worry because your time will come, and don’t rush things because you have to enjoy everything at the moment since you will not able to enjoy it later after you graduated.

Keep fighting to the endless test and exam, and have a nice day!

With love,

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