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Cambrian Period – Chinese Drama

Having no activity in my blog makes me want to do more. So, instead of waiting for another ideas, why don’t me try reviewing some drama I’ve watched? It makes me learn to write and to tell stories better. I have a lot of things to write and share if it’s about my daily life. So, let’s get started!

This time as the first drama review, I want to review about Cambrian Period, the first chinese drama that I have watched until the last episode. This drama is actually an action drama, but there are also some romance in their main character. If you ever watch ‘City Hunter’ or ‘Healer’, some korean dramas with action but also has romance story, then you must be familiar with this drama. It is not the same, but it has that kind of vibe. You understand what I mean, right?

I started to watch this drama because I like to search some romance and kiss scene in YouTube (I am a lovey-dovey person and I like romance a little bit too much, so yeah, this thing happened) and this drama appears too often. I started to watch one of the video made by the fans and it has some of the romance scene that surprisingly I liked. So from that one video, I try to watch another fan-made video about them (the main characters) that titles in Mandarin with Chinese character which I don’t understand. After watching pretty much about this drama without knowing what is the title in English, I began to search the title. I forget how I found the title, but then I search it in the online streaming drama where I usually watch Korean drama, and it was there. So without being hesitated, I start to watch and it is pretty… lovely.

All of the action and thriller scene is well made. I should give applause to the creator and the director of this drama, because I don’t how they made it look so real. If you want to watch this drama, you will find the romance begin in the second episode. Then from there, they start to grow their love. It is not as simple as many Korean drama (if you like to watch Korean drama, you must know that their drama is pretty light and mostly only has 16 episodes) but it is not hard to understand too. This drama has 24 episodes, and every episode takes around 40 minutes. The story is pretty complicated and thrilling, but because the love of the main character is also involved in the problem, the romance has made it ways to sneak out between their quarrel.

The main character is pretty cute, and I guess he is way younger than his lover. His face looks like Lu Han (if you know EXO, or if you like K-Pop, or if you just know him, then you will know what I’m saying) at a glance. There are a lot of kissing scene, and I LIKE IT! Even though he looks cute, but the way he kissed his lover is just my criteria. If you are a lovey-dovey person like me in a positive way (no sex activity, just like to cuddle or kiss or clinging to the other one), then I guess you will like this drama.

The only thing that I don’t like about this drama is the ending. It shows no happy nor sad ending. It just too… how do I say it? Well, the end of this drama is unpredictable. Like, really. I couldn’t understand it either. I guess you just have to watch it because I can’t give a word about the ending. It hangs me up with the question mark inside my head.

After all, I would like to give it 4.7 stars. It is pretty recommended if you like action or thriller drama, OR if you like romance drama. You can try to find it in Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. I think it should appears. But, if you want to watch it in where I watched them, you can try to watch them here. I couldn’t promise that you will watch it there because they really like to change the web domain, but if the link cannot be open, just try to type ‘DRAMA COOL’ in your search engine. It should shows in the first row.

Alright, that’s all for my very first drama review. I have a lot of drama that I can review but please give me some times. I should have a lot of free time in April after my National Exams, so I wish that I can share which drama I like with you and how I think about it. Please wait for me and don’t hesitate to comment anything (not a bad thing of course) down there! Pardon me if I said something with wrong grammar. I’m still learning on how to speak and write well in English. I hope you enjoy my write and see you later!

Have a nice day and don’t forget to be happy!


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