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Book Review: How To Be You

I’ve been really wanted to review some books but never got any energy to fight laziness. Such a cliché, eh?

Now that I have got my energy to write a review, IT FEELS SO EXCITING! So, here I am, trying to describe this book as good as it is, and as best as I could.

I got this book from a book fair this year, titled How to Be You (Stop Trying to Be Someone Else and Start Living Your Life) by Jeffrey Marsh. When I first read the title, I was unsure if I want this book or not. Some part of my heart told me to go get this book and put it inside the basket, but some part of my mind told me to put it back in its place and let go. I was thinking like ‘why should I take it and read it? Did I try to be someone else, or have I not living my life all this time?’ when the thought of taking the book is not important, but my heart was talking like ‘are you sure you don’t want to give it a chance and read its content? Are you sure you already confident, and happy about yourself and your life?’ when I try to release the book. Now, if I try to review it here, you must already know what my decision was back then. Yes, I decided to buy the book.

Jeffrey Marsh as the writer is someone who has more than a quarter BILLION views across social media. He is the creator of the global trends #DontSayThatsSoGay and #NoTimeToHateMyself. He also earned spots on top Viner lists by both BuzzFeed and Vine with positive, inclusive message. The question that pop up in your mind would be “Who is he, and what did he does to make him like now?” Well, he was trying -and still until now- to send messages to the world that there is nothing wrong with being yourself, no matter how wrong it is to the world.

I never regret my decision to bring this book home.

There are 9 chapters in the book. Each chapter will make you realized that all the things you used to do is just so wrong. It made yourself unhappy. Things like not trusting yourself, giving yourself punishment(s) because of something -that you labeled as wrong- you did unintentionally, believing in what people are saying about yourself even if it’s bad (they are haters, trust me), letting your emotions out in front of people or even when you are alone, and a lot more than I could write here are written in the book, and they are what makes me, and even you later if you decided to buy the book, realized that I could be free. I could have the freedom, and I could live this life happily. I only read this book once, but I really want to read it again. I just think that this book is very good to help me get through every single thing that I used to think they are problems from the outside, from my environment, from external, when actually they are from myself, they are from the inside me. And I couldn’t be more thankful to Him, or to the chance, or to anything that made me find the book and decided to bring it home.

Other than all the writes he wrote there, he also encloses some pages for you to color, answering questions, draw some patterns, and more. Literally, this is a self-guide and a self-activity book.

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I won’t say anymore about the book because you must read it yourself. I don’t want to give you any spoiler here. I just want to share what this book is about, and how do I think about the book. I really hope you enjoy the book if you decide to buy one.

To end this review, I will give you some sentences that I highlighted from the book.

“Perfection doesn’t exist.”

“For many of us, worrying about what others think of us is so important.”

“Maybe having the perfect image wasn’t so important. Maybe things do not have to be managed and planned to be perfect. Maybe it will all be okay; maybe you can even have a little fun while you shake off the expectations the world has taught you.”

“It is frustrating to fix yourself, not because you are bad at fixing but because you are unfixable-beautiful just as you are.”

“Childhood has a lot of don’ts.”

“And learning not to take too seriously the negative opinions of others helps to deepen your relationship with you.”

“It is impossible to make everyone love you, no matter how nice or generous or smart or hardworking you are.”

“You are yourself and that’s just how it is.”

“People are happy around others when they are happy with themselves. You are kinder to others when you are kind to yourself.”

“You are not Wonder Woman. You’re you. And as soon as you give up on trying to be someone else, you can start to really enjoy being yourself.”

“Be kind to yourself: as kind as you would be to others.”


Thank you for reading this until this line. You are gorgeous, and you should know it. You don’t need anyone’s approval. This book will help you see and live for yourself, no matter how bad the condition is.

With love,

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