Bathaholic Natural Soap Review

Heyho! It’s been a long time since my last update, and today I want to share a skin care products that I’ve been using for several months.

Since November, I didn’t use any liquid soap anymore at home (well I still use it sometimes when there is no soap bar or when I travel somewhere). To change my routines from liquid soap to soap bar, I decided to buy a soap bar near my internship office. Actually, it wasn’t because of environment or I am a go green person. At first, I only try soap bar because it leaves some fresh and better feeling into your skin than liquid soap, and also because I had pretty much back acne so I think natural soap will help me reduce any chemical soap, but then I think natural soap bar is safer for environment because we are helping reduces plastic uses from liquid soap.

Alright, let’s begin with the review.

Packaging – The front side
Packaging – The Back Side
The soap bar looks like inside clear plastic











The packaging looks good and classy. I like how the producer made this packaging looks simple. So, for packaging, I would give it 5 of 5.

The first thing I noticed after first time use is this soap has a unique fragrances. It smells a bit like espresso, just like it’s name, and it also has the mint sensation. This soap bar also has its own scrub. Yeah, something rough is combined with this soap, and that’s a plus one for my back and chest acne.

After around 3 until 4 months using this soap, I could definitely tell that my chest and back acne become so much better, and my skin also well moisturized. I have oily skin in the face and body, but I have a really dry skin in arms and legs, so this soap is really help me. A lot. This soap also clean the body so well. I could really feel that my skin has been cleaned and the dirt has been washed off.

Overall, I didn’t find any minus in this soap bar.

I bought this soap at its store called Bathaholic in Grand Indonesia East Mall 3rd floor, beside Panorama JTB Tours and in front of Gramedia Book Store. This one soap bar cost around IDR 30,000.00. Pretty pricey but worth the ingredients, since this is a natural and home made soap bar.

See you in another review! Have a nice day and don’t forget to be happy!

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