Have you ever knew someone that was so alike to yourself?

You have the same music taste.

You have the same things you both like.

You have the same hobby.

Both of you are just so alike.

And now, the question is… How is your relationship with that person?

Are you having a good relationship?

Are you still contacting each other?

What is he or she to you?

Because I have felt all the things I mentioned earlier,
and now I do not have the chance to replay those moments again,
where we talked like there was no one other than us,
when we shared our life story that surprisingly neither of us have gone through it easily,
where we simply have nice and good moments together in silent,
when our skin touched each other deliberately and no one complained.

It always seemed that we have nothing to expected. We were just a friend, and will always be, but I did hope that we will have something more than just a friend, even if it is only for a second. Now that we are parted, I just miss those couple weeks in my life.

I felt comfortable around him. Well, I did not know what about him, but that time he helped me. Without him, of course I still could survived everything, but with him, he made everything easier and more clear to me. He taught me a lot, and he filled the role as a brother and as a senior to me.

It was only a couple of weeks in my life, but I could not be more grateful than this.

Wish we have more moments together.

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