That Afternoon — STORY SERIES #1

I know this is definitely not in the afternoon when I wrote and post this, but this, the story I wrote, happened in the afternoon.


It was raining, and I was on the road. I was on my way back home when the water started pouring down and made me and the driver became wet. Well, I used a motorcycle to reach every places I need to go, including my home. We don’t talk much, just some interaction about the traffic and the rain, so I was busying myself with some complicated things inside my mind. That’s when this thing hit me and slap myself really hard.

The cold air and water made my body shivers. Even though I was using a rain coat, but the cold from the wind and the water still makes my body a little bit trembling. I was thinking about this and that when my eyes catch the driver’s movement. He was stretching his fingers because they were froze and became numb. At first, I haven’t thought about anything, until I saw my own fingers. They were wrinkling, like someone who swim too long inside the pool. I immediately thank God for giving me home and chance to warmed my body later when I arrived while the drivers and people out there who doesn’t have any home or places to shelter can’t.

Having a thought about people who are struggling with their life, simply because they cannot eat or they don’t have any clothes to change, or they don’t even have places to shelter when it’s raining or when the sun is shining too brightly, sadden me so much. It makes me realize that we lived too ungrateful when we asked Him for things we don’t really need and become disappointed or sad when He didn’t make it, while the other people are struggling enough simply because of those things they really need but they still can be a happy and grateful person.

I often asked God, why the things I always wanted from the very beginning didn’t happen at all, even once in my life —well, I didn’t ask Him for things but I asked Him for a better condition about my family, but I never got an answer. I ever mad at Him several times, but things didn’t change. In fact, I became more miserable than when I become desperate because I can’t have what I really want. But then, when that afternoon happened in my life, I got that answer. The answer I long waited for is simply just ‘selfish’. Yeah, that’s the answer. I was being too selfish, and I thought and see only from my point of view, not from Him, and I forced Him to grant it. I was thinking too far and too complicated until I forget how to be happy and grateful.

Realizing that many people are struggling much harder, I smiled, on the moving motorcycle. Not because of what I am, nor what I have, but about what I got from Him. Simply from the food I ate in the day, the blanket I used at night, friends I have —and I know they love me— from many circles, the house where I and my parents stayed even when we don’t stay at the same home —and the houses theirself are not ours, and the chance of attending school when many children out there can’t even read. I thank Him so much.

Now that I can be happy and grateful even from the simplest thing, I hope you can also be grateful about anything you have. Even if it’s bad, I hope you can thank God for let it happen, because when it happened, you are becoming stronger than ever.

Have you thank Him today?

Much love,


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