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Before anything, let me introduce my self.

Hi! I am Aini Wijaya the author of this blog, and this is where I write everything I want to. Welcome!

Your Mey Mey is a blog contains everything I want to share, but mostly this blog will share more things about personal growth and self improvement. Other than that, this blog will share things about travel, books, movies, and many things I never think about when I write this.

Your Mey Mey is one of my way to share every single thing I experienced and knew to help a lot of people out there, no matter how old they are ─ it is never too late to learn and grow to be better.

Mey Mey is actually come from a Chinese word which is Mei Mei (妹妹) means little sister. I wanted to use the word Mei Mei, but it was already taken. Feeling disappointed, suddenly I remembered someone calling me Mei Mei on text but with ‘Mey Mey’ word. Then, here I am, taking that word to give another vibe on Chinese word so it will not be too Chinese either.

So, I am your little sister, and this Mey Mey will tell you a lot of things about this life and the world we live in. I may be smaller than all of you, but I am sure I am more mature inside.

Aini Wijaya was born in the exact date but one year before the World Trade Center incident, and right now she is in the transition mode from being a teenage girl to becoming an adult. She is someone who acts more like a boy rather than a girl with her simple fashion style but doesn’t look like one either, really likes writing, reading, and photographing everything. Travel and adventure are dreams that she wants to live in the future.

Often called a really mature person, she learns from this cruel and tough life, books, movies, and dramas. Well, sometimes from people’s experience.

Aini is currently working at one of the start-up newcomers in Indonesia and hustling between part-time works, her Chinese course, and college life. She lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, but she’s craving to travel the world as soon as possible.

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