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8 Podcasts Recommendation

It’s been quite long since I published my last post. A lot of things had been going in my life, and it was kinda drowning myself. After a while for choosing not to do anything related to my blog, Instagram, and podcast, aka social media detoxing, now I want to write something new and here I am.

If you do not know yet, Your MeyMey has released a podcast called ‘Your MeyMey Is Talking About…’. I released it on early April (around 10th), and just like my blog, I decided to do a general and free topic about anything as long as it could be useful and spread happiness. Basically it is all about lifestyle, peaceful life, motivation, self-growth and development, and any other things. Maybe travel, or food, or school, or even work. Of course I will talk about books and movies. As a starter, I will fill this podcast only with my own voice, but I will bring a guest speaker and we will talk about something soon.

The purpose of this podcast is to bring a new way of information and entertainment for young people out there (but also useful for adult and ‘old’ people of you consider yourself as one) about life, self-development, and also to spread happiness. Not all people like to read, and I don’t think my blog will reach a big amount of reader, but with podcast I realize that I could reach a bigger amount of listeners just because more people like to listen to something while doing another thing, another way to say multi-tasking.

Talking about podcast, I already published several episodes and it is still adding up. But, if I only promote my own podcast while you don’t even know what podcast is because it is not familiar yet, then it wouldn’t be useful. So here I am giving you some recommendation about useful and entertaining podcast based on what I have been listened to.

  1. Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Siu – English

Each episode is talking about digital marketing with short amount of time, and it is really great because you can do something else while listening to how to market your own products and etc.

  1. The Lavendaire Lifestyle by Aileen – English

Aileen is talking and giving tips about how you can achieve your dream life with her soothing voice. The podcast generally discuss about personal development and lifestyle design. She often invite guest speaker and interview them so her listener could have a new perspective on what is each person’s dream life and how to turn it into reality.

  1. The Science of Happiness by PRI and Greater Good Science Center – English

Reality sucks, if you see it from negative perspective. Life is full of happiness, if you see it that way. But how to find happiness in all shitty things that happened in our life? The Science of Happiness talk about how, and why with the science background on each experience.

  1. Curhat Babu by Nucha and Sheggario – Indonesian

It is impossible to have nothing to complained about when you are a mother and a father. Life is not getting when you already be a parent, which means when you have child. In this podcast, Nucha and Sheggario talk about how they go through every single difficulty and how to stay happy and calm as a couple. It is worth to listened to, even for single- or unmarried-person.

  1. Do You See What I See? By @mizter.popo – Indonesian

You like to hear horror story? Here, Mizter Popo providing a platform for every person who has their own horror experience to tell it to the mass. Be careful, you might be scared to go to the bathroom after hearing this podcast.

  1. A Slice of Vai by Vazrina Putri – Indonesian / English

She is a youngster who encourage any other youngster to discover their own self and achieve their own success story. Very interesting and full of information filled with her young guest speaker all in their 20’s.

  1. Podcast Besok Senin by Randy – Indonesian

This podcast talk general topic on our surroundings. Interesting, simple, and critical topics to make us think about our surroundings more and more.

  1. Ibu-Ibu Yacult by Marchella FP and Maria Juliana– Indonesian

Women like to talk. It’s the truth. Here, Marchella and Maria bring a great conversation in each episode, talking about anything, and entertain you with their typical language and laugh. You have no sense of humor if you don’t laugh when they talk.

Okay! So they are 8 podcast recommendation from me, based on what I like to listen every day when I’m working. English or Indonesia, both are interesting to listened to. I link every podcast to Spotify, but you can also listen to their podcast on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and Anchor. When you visit their podcast, don’t forget to take a look and listen to my podcast too! ‘Your MeyMey Is Talking About…’ (linked to Spotify) is available on Google Podcast, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Breaker, Anchor apps, Anchor.fm, Stitcher, RadioPublic, Overcast, and Pocket Casts. Send me any kind of advices, critics, or messages through Anchor apps or my Instagram @ainiwijaya11.

Talk to you later on another post! Have a nice day!

Sincerely recommending,

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